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A service designed specifically for energy brokers to streamline back-office operations. Built by a team with first-hand energy industry experience.

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"CurrentHub makes my life so much easier. Formerly complicated tasks are now just simple."

Joana Silva, Electric Pricing Analyst at Lower Electric

Lookup Usage Easily

Enter the region and the account number, and we will retrieve the rest - monthly readings, capacity, meter group number, rate code, and even the days in the billing period.

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*We never share account numbers with with anyone, ever.

Organize Contacts

Fill out customer information once, and our full-featured CRM will use it for quote requests, cost comparisons, and even a workflow dashboard.

Request Quotes

Contacting suppliers is a chore, and even the savviest analysts can make mistakes. No more. By using our simple interface, we will build and send your emails for you.

Know Your Commissions & Renewals

Each finalized contract's usage is updated regularly, allowing you to estimate commissions by agent, customer, supplier, and anticipate renewals. Bonus: every report is downloadable to Excel with just one click.

We know business is unpredictable, so we built CurrentHub to be appropriately flexible for...

Unlimited Agents
Unlimited Contacts
Unlimited Quote Requests
Unlimited Cost Comparisons
Unlimited Reminders
Unlimited Lookups

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